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At Camp Laughing Turtle:

We have a strong tradition of learning to live in health, harmony and respect in every part of our lives.

Our first priority is having fun together while learning to take personal responsibility for our choices.

Our goal is to develop caring, connected and capable young people who share a strong and abiding commitment to themselves, their community, and the natural environment.

Our staff is variously gifted in music, drama, creative arts, outdoor living, hiking, sports, backpacking, outdoor, carpentry, gardening and leadership skills. They reflect the values we most appreciate and share a commitment to providing positive and healthy learning experiences which foster creativity and promote feelings of independence and self-esteem.

At camp we help kids understand that they are special and that summer is about the fun they create as they find new friends and face new challenges.

Children thrive at Laughing Turtle because they learn to value who they are and appreciate each other as individuals. They encourage and challenge each other as they reach just a little harder to hike that tough trail, work together to build a new campsite, create and perform a play or swim the raft test and conquer the kayak.


Most of all, they have fun and make new friends while sharing good times and great memories!


Camp Laughing Turtle focuses on special activity areas as well as daily camp routines throughout the summer.


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