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Camp Laughing Turtle will expand our gardening effort this year in a huge new way.  Several staff are volunteering to help with a new Camp to Family Produce Project and we have already started to plant seeds and grow starts to help build our new and expanded garden in the field near the shelter.  All campers will have daily responsibility in the garden to plant, weed, water, harvest and bring our bounty home to their families.  We will have prep and cook classes for the older children and we are also anticipating 4 Prep and cook classes for our families who are interested. 

The children enjoy a variety of vegetable dishes throughout the summer.  We hope to send the makings home for families to enjoy. We will be growing all the favorites: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces and greens as well as spinach, kale, chard, arugula, zucchini and summer squashes.

This summer we will continue our focus on LIVING VALUES EDUCATION, a program which promotes positive feelings, and recognizes individual differences and teaches respect for the dignity and worth of each and every person. The staff will be trained in the curriculum which incorporates a variety of ways to explore and learn new concepts in sharing and teaching social skills combined with playing, art, singing, movement and imagination.



Nature's Classroom features nature based learning experiences from Growing Up Wild. We will strengthen our connections with nature as we become capable and confident stewards of the earth and each other as we build the value of support for all living things. We will become better informed and more environmentally aware through activities that encourage nature play, art, and drama while engaging everyone in Nature's Classroom. We will make connections to support our knowledge in the areas of science, math, literacy, music, and movement.



We will begin a study of our Natural Environments this year with the Marsh. The Campers will explore the Flora and Fauna of each of these ecosystems and learn how to keep our natural areas healthy and strong. Based on what we learn the children will create skits, videos and photo journals of their activities.



Our focus again this summer will integrate experiences in Native American Culture, Art, and Mythology as an exploration of nature and the world around us. We will celebrate the completion of our Long House and campers will be experiencing Native Traditions as we explore the ways of the ancient people who lived in New England.



We will spend time in the gardens caring for food and flowers and planting for our organic salad bowl. Using nutrition education programs featuring cultural diversity we will host a Cultural Food and Fun Event in early August, which will feature opportunities for each group to plan and prepare a meal highlighting a specific culture which the group has chosen. Parents and family members will be invited to join in our fun for a tasty feast of ethnic dishes.



Brings our talents to the Shelter Stage as we perform skits and share our musical and storytelling skills. The Talent Show will be held in July, and Fair Day in August. We will notify parents in plenty of time to save the date.  We will also provide transportation to and from Cherry Street for families on those days. Please  join us for these events!


Includes hiking, adventuring and canoeing and trips to Marshfield Reservoir and Nichols Pond and Ledges.

We will search and scoop and learn about small critters, fish and picnic at the islands and visit Groton State Park for exploring and hiking the trails at Owl's Head, Kettle and Osmore Ponds.

We will dedicate our efforts to the HUNGER FREE VERMONT with CHALLENGE HIKES :   which will take some of our older campers on more difficult day trips to raise donations for local food shelves.


Outings to Boulder Beach at Lake Groton will continue to be a weekly event.



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