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I am excited to share that many of our veteran staff will be returning again this year. We have had many wonderful and talented applicants and more staff may be joining us in the next few weeks.

Amanda Lowre
will be Director at camp again this summer. Caleb Rowell, who has been our Assistant Director, will be joining us as he is available, before going into the National Guard on July 30th. Rob and Konda Perkins will be heading the crew at Cherry Street PlayCare. Rob joined us in 2013 as our bus driver/counselor. Konda, also a certified bus driver, joined us in 2014. She is beloved among our younger campers and Rob's steady, warm, supportive demeanor has been an asset with our older campers. Their combined leadership is an asset to camp and to all of the staff.

William Marlier will be joining us again this year...bringing kindness and compassion to his work with our younger campers. The little guys love him! William is a natural leader; dependable, reliable and tenacious; all great traits for getting the job done, whatever the job may be!
Ash Jewell will be returning to camp for another year. Ash heads our after school program at Cherry Street PlayCare. He is also a  Para at the St Johnsbury School and knows the children well .

Jaime Pransky will be with us again this year to offer a guiding hand to staff and campers. Her work at CLT last summer was exceptional and offered the support and guidance to all.

Our new WSI/Swimming Instructor will be chosen soon and we will update the information as soon as a final decision is made.   
Swimming lessons will be a part of each campers day. Our Staff's caring and supportive work with campers brings a very special warmth to our work with kids each day. Constant devotion to our young folks, who benefit so much from a guiding word of encouragement, has made an enormous difference to many of our campers over the years.

We have many new applicants for Counselor and JC positions, so we will keep you posted as new folks join our team.

We have many new applicants for Councelor and JC positions, so we will keep you posted as new folks join our team.


I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!    Love, Judy



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